Monday, April 16, 2012

Two years old

Dear Finley, 
Today I rocked you to sleep in my arms. 
Yesterday you had a birthday. 
I realized today, even though I already knew it, that you're only going to be small for a bit longer. 
You're already so big and smart and funny. 
Today we played more then usual and I left my emails unread. 
We colored with your new colored pencils. 
We traced your hand. 
We watched Nemo, cuddled on the couch. 
You wanted to go to the park, so we did. 
We slid down the slide a million and one time and waved goodbye to it when we left. 
We raced around the block and drew with chalk out back. 
Your food became airplanes, and when you wanted juice for lunch I let you have it. 
Why not. I said to myself. Why not. 
We normally cuddle and read books before bed, but lots of times mommy is rushing. 
When you're asleep is when I get my work done. 
But not today. 
Today we laid in your bed and cuddled. We sang twinkle twinkle and back and forth and rockabye baby. You laid your head on my chest and we stared at the stars on your ceiling. "Pretty" You said. 
I rubbed your head and you tried to rub mine too. 
You're so sweet my boy. 
I love that about you. 
You're obsessed with elbows. Randomly you'll show them to me. "Elbows! Two elbows!" You'll say. You'll ask me to kiss them or rub lotion on them. 
It's so random but so perfectly perfect at the same time. 
I love everything about you Finley and I am so thankful that you are my baby. 
I love who you are becoming. 
Independant and strong and sweet and fun. 
Just don't grow too fast, okay? 
I love you to the moon and back.