Monday, January 16, 2012


Dear Baby boy,
For a few weeks now you randomly say "Baaakeekee" and me and your daddy always look at each other over the top of your head and try to see if the other one figured it out that time around.

It's been driving me crazy. Normally you get your point across, we point, you motion, we understand each other more then we probably should.
But this word.
I couldn't get it.
It was frustrating me to no end.
You'd say "baaakeekee" and kinda sway in my arms.
"Bakkkeekee?" I'd ask
"Yes" You'd say.
And we'd stare at each other both wishing we could read minds.

And then, today.

Today I was getting dinner cleaned up, Daddy was sitting at the table and you stood up in your high chair.
And swayed. Back and forth.
"Baaaakeeekeeeee" you said then a jumble of words that made no sense and "babyyyyy" in a sing song voice.
Daddy looked at me.
I looked at daddy.
"Back and forth?" he ask
You got all excited.
"Yessssss" you said in your little man voice, dimples poking out. "Baaaakeekeeee."

So tonight, we read Love you forever like we do almost every evening before we tuck you into bed.
And like every evening before I hold you in my arms and we rock.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
Back and forth.
But tonight you try to sing with me.
"I'll love you forever I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my -" I pause to let you get baby in. You stare at me rubbing your eyes.
"baby you'll beeeee-"
"Babbbby" you say off time.
I kiss you on the nose.
You snuggle closer.

I learned what baakeekee meant today.
I rocked you back and forth in your little room on your toddler bed.
Back and forth.
Kiss on the eyes.
Cuddling closer.
Back and forth.

What's crazy is I always thought the book was creepy before I had you.
Me and your uncle Ty would laugh about it.
"Crazy parents." We'd say.
But now, I'm starting to understand her, that mom who crawls across her grown sons floor just to hold him close and rock him at night.
Be prepared.
I am starting to rationalize it. ;)

Thank you for being my son Finley Asiimwe Lane. Thank you for giving me the gift of rocking you bakeekee every night. I cherish these moments more then you will ever know.

I love you to the moon and back.

Love you. Mama