Sunday, August 4, 2013

They loved you first

Dear Finley,

Uncle Josh went to Africa and bought a boda and traveled through long and dusty roads on a great adventure this summer. One of his great adventures was going to the orphanage you are from and taking photos of you all grown up for the sweet sisters who took care of you before we got to hold you.  He said they cried when they saw the photos. They were so excited to know you were well and loved. Uncle Josh took this is a photo of them that I will forever cherish. So sweet. So beautiful. All in a row. Three women I will forever be indebted to. These beautiful women from western Uganda. They held you before I could and loved you before I knew your name. They have prayed for you every day since you left them, and I have no doubts are praying for you still. These women, I love them, and someday, I want to take you back to meet them. You'll love them too.

Love always,


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