Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peter Pan


Dear Finley,
Last year we didn't celebrate Halloween, and your first Halloween we were in Uganda and while we went to a house party at the Howards we went in street clothes. So this year was your first dress up year. Nana Grandma made you the best Peter Pan costume ever and you were so proud of it. All week you would ask me if you could be Peter Pan that day and every day I gave you the countdown of how many more days until you got to be a little flying pirate fighter.

We ran by the store in the afternoon on the way to pick up daddy from work and Captain Hook was in the store with us. You started riffling through my purse immediately after I pointed him out and whispered as you grabbed my phone "Taking a picture of hook mama!" I almost laughed out loud. You were so excited and so certain he was the real hook.

By the time we dressed you I'm not sure if mama or you were more excited. We went trick or treating with Aunt Steph and Uncle Matt and Cole-Noah-Giannnnnnna. At first you were a bit scared of everyone all dressed up but after a little bit you warmed right up and got in on the game. By the end of the night you were running lopsided up to doors because your tote bag was too heavy with candy. "Tre or treee" You'd say at the door and then you'd grab just one piece of candy "thank you, byeeeeeee". You were the politest trick or treater I ever did see and something about that lopsided run makes me believe you were also the cutest one out there. Not that I had any doubts before. ;)

I love you my little tight wearing baby boy.



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